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“We relocated as a family from London in 2001. My wife and I are both from the North West area and we wanted to be closer to family and to bring the kids up in Cumbria. I’ve grown the firm with John Wilson since then and can honestly say that, to my initial surprise, the work we do has always been challenging and interesting. It is always good quality but much more varied than what I would have done in London, had I stayed, where I was destined to be a development specialist.

Cumbria has been a great move for the whole family. My kids have been lucky enough to go to an excellent state grammar school in Penrith. My wife is a tax adviser and works for a good firm of local accountants”


“I wanted to live and work in Cumbria. I’d seen how niche commercial firms worked elsewhere in the county and had supportive clients so I founded Baines Wilson in January 1999. In case you were wondering “Baines” was my mother’s maiden name. We’re just a great team which we are keen to add to”


“I was persuaded to relocate to Cumbria by my wife mainly for lifestyle reasons and my wife was right – it’s been a great move. I’d worked with large national/regional law firms but in a smaller commercial firm like Baines Wilson you are so much closer to the clients and their businesses and much more in charge of your own destiny. The workflow and the quality of work is great and the departmental team working on deals is exceptionally good”


“I relocated from the North East in 2008 having been head of legal at EEF North. I’m an outdoors person and wanted to spend all my time in Cumbria, not just the odd weekend. Frankly when I joined I didn’t believe that the quality of work was as good as I was being told but I took the job anyway! It soon turned out that what I’d been told was true. We have great clients and it’s very satisfying work. I live in Keswick and I’m on the fells very regularly”


“I’d trained with a local general practice in Carlisle and jumped at the chance to retrain with Sean at Baines Wilson. The work is always interesting and the property team is tight knit and very well established in the region”


“I got lucky! I grew up in Cumbria but spent lots of time in the South East (where much of my family still live). It was enough time to know that that wasn’t a location for me! I had time away in Newcastle and Manchester but could never beat my home town for leisure and recreation. The rugby club was (and still is) a spiritual home. After training elsewhere locally I made the decision to stay in this area and did so under the misapprehension that it equated to a life/work compromise. I was wrong! Sean and John agreed to take me on as an NQ and Sean then re-trained me from scratch. It’s been tough exhilarating and rewarding. It’s made all the better that I undertake work that many large firms would love to have within walking distance of my spiritual home! My kids get to grow up in an environment and location that many are not lucky enough to experience. To cap it all off I was invited to become an equity partner at the age of 32 and I am now the Head of the Commercial Property department – I would not have achieved this at any other firm.”


“I’d been commuting from home in Garstang to Blackburn and Manchester for many years. The opportunity to work closer to home without any reduction in quality of work plus better career prospects led me to join Baines Wilson. I can see that the opportunities here are huge and having been with both large and small commercials law firms I can wholeheartedly say “small is best”.”

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“I’m a South Cumbrian, did a law degree but then worked in training and development for a client of the firm. I met John at my then employer’s Christmas party and, to cut a long story short, I ended up training as a lawyer with the firm and rose through the ranks to become an equity partner, an opportunity I do not think I would have had elsewhere. The employment team is unique in acting for businesses only. We undertake work for many of the region’s larger employers, together with SMEs, family and national businesses.”

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“I trained with the firm and qualified into Commercial Property. For me, being able to have an excellent commercial legal training here in Cumbria was fantastic. We work open plan and I learn so much from the lawyers around me. I also love living and working in my home town”

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“I relocated to Cumbria with my husband and family from London for lifestyle reasons following 17 years working in city firms. It’s been a brilliant move for us all and professionally, I have been impressed by the broad scope of business activity and opportunity present here in the North West and the range and quality of our work.”


“I have always been lucky enough to practice in Lancaster, and remember really sitting up and taking notice when Baines Wilson opened its Lancaster office. I then had one of my now colleagues on the other side of a matter and ended up coming to speak to John and Jo about a potential move. I was of course already well aware of Baines Wilson’s excellent reputation. However after learning more about the firm, the quality of its lawyers, the type of work and the fact that it acts exclusively for employers as part of its commercial offering, I was sold and have never looked back.”

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